Our signature process evaluates each enrollment qualification variable and executes a strategy to ensure you are in the best possible position to become a home owner.

The Preparation

Once enrolled, Your Account Manager works directly with you to gather and prepare all documents, forms, resources needed in order to start the home ownership process.


Once you are Ready, you will be placed with an affiliated loan officer that will discuss the best suited loan type for you, then they submit your application and finalize your loan for your new house!

Who We Are?

Headquartered in Dallas TX, Camden Services was founded with the goal of assisting all clients in achieving their dream. By guiding all clients through the process from start to finish, we make it simple, transparent, and financially beneficial for any client, even when they previously believed it to be out of their reach.

Our Enrollment Officers are dedicated to educating you on your options. Give us a call and we can explain, in detail, anything that is preventing you from obtaining the dream you've always wanted. We’re committed to offering simple solutions in order to help you achieve your goals!

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Other Services

Credit Portal

While you’re undergoing  preparation process, you will be given access to a credit portal. This portal is going to allow you to see what is going on with your scores and see exactly how you are progressing.

Credit Center

Reestablishing credit is an integral piece of the preparation process. Too much credit or too little credit can negatively affect your ability of getting approved for anything. Our Client Relation Officers will guide you to the exact amount of credit, if any, needed in order to obtain your dream.

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